Monday, November 22, 2010

These Two Weeks...

salam, it's been a while since my last entry. bukan apa, bz la! cepat je ngantuk n tertdo! huhu

these are my activities for these two weeks.

wednesday 17112010

-day b4 it, helped mom kacau rendang tok ayam. penat gak la sebab kene keep kacau-ing sampai kering. if we stop for a while,  nanti hangus n x sedap la. then, aidil adha. a day full of blessings. no new clothes, no balik kampung. just me n my happy family. my brother n sister in law, came back from Ipoh n Shah Alam to celebrate raya here. just another peaceful day..

for korban, unfortunately, i was a little bit sick n couldn't lend my hands to the jemaah surau for the event, just help my mom n dad to redeem daging agihan for peserta n pekerja. buat muka tebal je la mintak daging, haha! then, ada orang datang umah that morning. an architect who designed the famous KL Tower. datang jumpa his old colleague, my sister! he's indonesian n came along with his family. (alasan x mau tolong org korban..) haha

friday, 19112010

after jumaat prayer, my mom asked me to get a copy of Al-Islam coz alasan die ada citer pasal "90% of cosmetic products contains elements from pigs".. then sebab ada citer pasal Maher Zain (rasanya tu sebab die suh ak beli).. haha. nvmind la. then, i grab this chance to go to Wangsa Walk..kot2 ada hary potter la kan but then habis lak. kecewa. dah sampai WW, x kan blah camtu je kan? i pon buat la muka tebal, "bang, 2 Alam kol 330 bang!" (ok, ak da malu)
ok la that movie, cerita pasal a transverse, laki jadi pompuan. he died then during nak bawak g kubur, tayar van pancit sebab berat sgt la, then kubur ada ular, kubur x mau terima...that sorts of thingy la. then die flashback bout his lifestyle pe smua la. full of explicit scenes for a malay story la. huhuhu

kononnya pecah panggung RM40 juta! but only 19 people in the hall that freaking hoo!

and, on that day also, i've bought the PC game that i've been waiting for. Call of Duty Black Ops! so damn awesome! bought two actually. another is MedaL of Honor! owh! RM 46 terbang. damn! but nvm, dah minat.. nak wat camne kan. hahaha

damn those two are totally freaking awesome!

saturday, 20112010

harry potter ngan kakak!
haha mula2 pegi pagi, tgk2 tiket habis, then beli la tiket malam. kakak blanja. malam tu kol 8, g tgk. best la. tp cam slow skit la n jiwang2 skit. hehehe. maybe sebab baru part 1 kot. ntah biarla. bukannya die hard fan sgt pon. ehehhee

                                    one of the shots, Harry, Ron n Hermoine

but the best thing is, Emma is so gorgeous! cun seh! nak awek camni bley?!! haha!
antara scene emma watson yg sangat cun

ok tu je. hehee

Sunday, 21112010

got a seminar n workshop  for my latest nationwide educational project, endorsed by the government  at Subang Jaya. was held at Bonafide Academy. my buddy, Zaim fetch me at Kelana Jaya LRT Station and went there. meet new friends such as Anis (Zaim's gf maybe?) n Megat Aiman (Zaim's schoolmate). a very inspirational talk by fellow achievers and really fired up! best gile! naik terus semangat! haha
then, after seminar, went to KFC Wangsa Maju for dinner n meet prospects for our project. alhamdulillah, he agreed to join. then, for now, i need to work hard to meet more prospects!

ok tu je. bye

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