Thursday, November 18, 2010

Malaysia vs Singapore


this is not about a football match or sports, but it is more than that. it came through my mind to write a blog bout a little comparison btween Malaysia n Singapore because the holidays remind me of Singapore... why Singapore? because i have relatives at Singapore (majority of them) and i often do a little chat with them n ask them about their beloved country..

forget about the size of the country, the population and the currency rate (which terang2 la malaysia kalah kan..)
comparison are not been categorized into different headings (sebab malas nak susun pe smua)
correct me if i'm wrong! this is based on a LITTLE facts that i've known quite a long time ago...

1) Singapore prohibited chewing gum because of hygiene issues. whoever being caught eating chewing gum will be fined and require to do community services (biasanya jadi tukang sapu n your pictures will be taken)..malaysia? not prohibited and sebab tu la jalan semua kotor ngan chewing gum. kat bawah kerusi pon kadang2 ada,,, euuwwww!
if related to offences, fines and punishments, Singapore is more strictly then Malaysia... that wraps up the discussion

2) Singapore's public transportation system is so damn efficient n effective and one of the best in the region. from the MRT Trains (in malaysia, simillar to LRT,STAR apa semua) to the public busses( which kalo kat malaysia, mmg lembap cam haram) and their taxies. if we're waiting for the busses, if the board says each 15 minutes, then 15 minute it is. unlike Malaysia, cakap every 15 minit, tgk2 nak dekat 30 minit n 1 jam baru sampai. then, regarding their trains, the condition is at their best shape and the railway system covers and reaches the whole country and efficient. kalo Malaysia, nak tambah satu gerabak pon kecoh satu malaysia n sampai naik tren yg 3 gerabak n baru pon terasa cam jakun...(me..ahhaha). then bout taxies, taxies are everywhere in Singapore and all of them use meters and GPS. malaysia? dah la susah nak dapat taxi, then, ada yg x pakai meter. dari KLCC ke Gombak pon rm30. damn!

3) In Singapore, their National Service duration is 2 YEARS and only males are involved and it is compulsory for ALL students. and their modules are quite tough. then, citizens of SIngapore kene get ready even after they completed their NS untill the age of 50 for certain government events. cthnye: kalo ada Independance Day, pakcik2 yg kat umah pon kene panggil utk serve their country and amek bahagian dalam perarakan dan sebagainya. Malaysia? duration is only 3 MONTHS and compulsory for RANDOMLY SELECTED students only. modules? ak x masuk PLKN, ak x tau, but for sure, are less tense than singapore nye NS la. huhuu

4) about freedom of speech, Singapore is quite low and tight compared to Malaysia. according to the citizens of singapore, they are quite depressed from giving  opinions and expressing thoughts. kalo kat singapore kalo ko kutuk kerajaan skit, mmg ko akan kene kaw2 nye la. ia akan cari korang sampai ke lubang cacing ke lubang jamban ke. there's time where a person critics the Singaporean Govt about the not-so-popular Youth Olympic Games. katenye, YOG tu mcm x dpt sambutan n die kritik skit kerajaan in his facebook profile. n mamat tu kene tangkap n kene jail. Malaysia? ok la. boleh je sampaikan pendapat or kritik. sampai boleh fitnah n hina2 org lagi kan... hehe =P

5) about freedom of religion pulak, in Singapore, it is not so free as Malaysia. in Singapore, azan using outside speakers are not allowed, katanya ganggu ketenteraman..then, chinese x boleh bakar colok kat luar rumah. ganggu gak katanya.. Malaysia? totally free. sampai siap hina agama2 lain lg kan... =P

6) about socio economy, 95% of the economy of Singapore are controlled by the chinese. malays are quite been discrminated. (ye la..Malay kan minoriti kat sana). then cina2 singapore ni macam over2 skit la. mcm sombong skit kot. huhuu.malaysia? eventhough malay are majority, but the economy still cina yg pegang. kedai2 kat KL pon banyak cina je.melayu g mana? melayu dok nak join AF, reality show bukan2. katanya nak glamer n kaya..padahal...hampeh je. then melayu kalo niaga, x sah kalo x dengki, taruk bnda bukan2 nak naya org, . 2/3 daripda rezeki ialah from perniagaan but that 2/3, siapa yg pegang?...

7) then, bout internet connection, Singapore's internect connection is one of the best in the region. minimum speed by the ISP is bout 1Mbps. MINIMUM! and the maximum, brapa ntah. 7Mbps kot//Malaysia? 1Mbs tu dah macam bnda besar lak. dah cukup mantap sangat la kalo 1 Mbps. ak nye 384kbps je. hahaha

8) then bout residence transportation, Singapore doesn't have national car macam Proton or Perodua. they only import cars from other countries, so x heran la kalo g spore ada keta macam2 jenis. EVO, Fairlady, Skyline  tu macam wira n Myvi je kat Malaysia ni. haha. but then, road tax diorang increases from period to period because nak discourage org drpd memiliki kereta (sebab negara kecik) n harga kereta mereka mmg sangat mahal. mahal 100%. contohnye kalo Waja, harga kat Malaysia RM60,000, kat sana $SG 60,000 lebey = RM 120ribu lebey! gile la! haha. then pasal toll, Singapore pakai ERP system (macam SmartTag kt malaysia). semua toll pakai tu. every car kene ada. kalo x de, kene fine. then for Foreign Cars parking kat residential parking, kene bayar. 2 Dollars for 1 hour. damn! pandai diorang buat duit.. huhu

9) pasal buat lesen memandu. Cost of driving license sana memang teramat lah mahal. over $1000. tu blom exam, pass fail lg.. huhuhu.they got 2 types. Auto n Manual. for Auto, boleh bawak keta auto je, for Manual, boleh bawak keta manual n auto. then, the vehicle used for driving schools are luxurious cars..paling bodo pon Honda City. then, for motorcycle, motor yg diorang guna ialah motor scrambler yg motocross punye tu.. Malaysia? ak rasa murah sgt la kalo nak banding ngan diorang. then, kita guna Kancil., Kelisa.... mmg la cam senang nak bawak but then kalo nak bawak keta besar skit, dah x biasa. huhuh

10) Singapore is the ally of U.S and has diplomatic relationship with Israel. (dengar citer, yg train budak2 NS Singapore are Israeli army and weapons used are made from Israel..tak tau la betol ke x) while Malaysia are not an ally of US but just have diplomatic relationship with US. but not with Israel. so, kalo nak perang ngan Singapore, kene pk dua tiga kali la. hahaha

these are some comparisons yg ak dapat buat la. banyak je lg. but ni berdasarkan apa yg ku tahu sahaja la. kalo ada salah ke apa, ignore je apa yg ak tulis ni

which one is better? u decide!