Sunday, January 30, 2011

bus tickets

it's been a while since the last entry of my blog, which was...bila eh? dusty oredi. haha.

the mid-semester holidays just started so, i'm sure many of u went back to your hometowns by any means of flight, trains, busses, me)....

and because of that, some of my friends seek some help from me to buy them tickets as my home is near greenwood n there a re many bus ticket outlets at the Bazaar. they are:

1- Transnasional (all destinations, but only to Kuantan n East Coast stops at Greenwood)

2 - Mutiara - (Kelantan n Terengganu)

3 - Sani Express (Kelantan n Terengganu)

4 - Express Delima (Kelantan)

n others which all of them provide trips to Klate n Ganu.

these are my friends who i had bought tickets for them...(naik moto merentas hujan yg sejuk semata2 kerana mereka coz i love them so much!)

1- Redza Bakhtiar
from: Greenwood to Kuantan
date: 30/1/2011
time: 12.40 a.m (31/1/2011)
company: Transnasional
price: RM 22

2 - Kamal Ariff
from Greenwood to Kuala Terengganu
date : 30/1/2011
time : 10.00 pm
company: Sani Express
price: RM 40

and special case....because her hometown is in Sarawak but she spends this whole week holidays at her buddy's home, Raja Siti Afiqah at KB, sweeeettt! mau ole2 ye!

3 - Aiza Adibah Roslan
from: Greenwood to Kota Bharu
from Kota Bharu to Greenwood
date: Greenwood -> KB (29/1/2011)(9.45a.m)
         KB -> Greenwood (3/2/2011)(9.30 a.m)
company: Express Delima
price: Rm80 2 way

i really dunno why i post things about tickets...maybe because i do not need tickets to come home n i pon nak gak merasa balik jauh2 ni....

i've been wondering, maybe i can be an authorized ticket agent as a part time job and this doesn't seems like a bad idea after all.. all u need are internet access and a specialized printer for ticket printing..i'll give a thought bout that after this...

p/s: to reza, naik cuti ni bayar tau! ak kekeringan ni! huhu


  1. reza mmg suka byr hutang lambat..dier ad je hutang dvds dgn aku. hahaha

  2. hahahha..part time job..lau aku minta tolong ko belikan jga leh x acap???

  3. azam, ak akan pastikan die bayar cepat duit tiket aku. haha

    paklah, insya Allah. hehe